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The Tradeworks Group is a diversified nutraceutical product marketing company dedicated to the development and commercialization of proprietary, scientifically researched ingredients for human and animal nutrition. Tradeworks merges advanced nutritional technology with exceptional marketing skills to create novel nutraceutical ingredients designed to excel in the dietary supplement and functional foods marketplace.

We strive to develop strong, mutually beneficial strategic alliances with clients in the nutraceutical discovery sector. We support these innovative companies and individuals by providing product development, product marketing and ultimately product sales in all of the applicable dietary supplement categories.

MaitakeGold 404 is one of the most comprehensive patented immunostimulants available in the dietary supplement category. Taken on an ongoing basis, MaitakeGold 404 may play a significant protective role by supporting the body's immune activity.* It is important to consider the vital role that therapeutic mushroom extracts such as MaitakeGold 404 can contribute to sustaining a healthy life by protecting cellular immunity and therefore cellular health. Additionally, MaitakeGold 404 may provide healthy immune support to individuals challenged by health and lifestyle stressors.

Cell Serum - Maitake Gold 1200 - 2 OZ


Cell Serum with Maitake Gold 404 2 oz.

1,200 mg of Maitake Gold 404 per 1 oz.
Serving size: 4 drops or more as directed by your physician.

Cell Serum with Maitake Gold 404 is the patented glucan-protien complex extract to enhance immune function and support cellular defenses.* This concentrated, pleasant tasting, alcohol-free extract is designed for individuals seeking potent immune support and enhanced flexibility in dosing.* The ImmuneActive quality assurance seal certifies MaitakeGold 404's proof of immune bioactivity.